Welcome to Auto Express Serviss Nr.1


Our goal – fast and high qualityservice!

For every car owner it is important that his/her car is always in order. Often a small defect can become a very unpleasant factor for the owner that results in disruption or postponement of plans.

In order to save our and customers’ time, if you need repairs and maintanance, we are offering a special advance registration programme. If your visit to our workshop is scheduled, then, after coordinating date and time, you will noticeably save both your time and your car time in the garage.


Apply for service.

Our auto-repair receptionist will arrange the most convenient time for your visit to our car service station. You can apply for the car service calling the phone number given on the website upper right corner or completing an electronic application form which you will find clicking on the button “APPLY FOR SERVICE”.  And we will contact you!


Car delivery.

1. Arriving at the workshop, place the car in our customers’ parking place.

2. Go to our auto-repair receptionist. He will inspect your car, specify the amount of work, pricing and due date.

3. If the repair does not require a long period of time, you can linger on in our service, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, read a magazine or watch TV.

4. When collecting the car, you and the auto-repair receptionist evaluate if all the planned works have been done and completed. You can ask him questions about the repairs or maintenance.

5. After paying the bill, the auto-repair receptionist will return your car keys and the car.


Our car service station houses a shop with a wide range of auto spare parts, tires, oils and accessories for all car models!