Our car service station offers full service maintenance for your car air-conditioners, which includes air conditioning diagnosis, if necessary, repair and filling!

Servicing your car conditioners, they will probably need the following service or maintenance:

Repair of aluminum parts. In repairing aluminum parts our service uses two methods: welding in argon environment and soldering. In more complex tasks, we use both methods, to provide additional security in performance.

Manufacturing of conditioning tubes. We manufacture and restore old tubes for different car models.

System cleaning. Sometimes chips or worn parts residues from the damaged compressor get into the system which in combination with oil produce metallic emulsion. Emulsion can severely interfere with the air conditioning system. During conditioning system repairs we check whether air conditioning system is clean. A common problem is the damage of the new compressor, caused by dirty system. Recommendation – at the beginning of the season take air conditioning systems diagnostics!

Compressor repair. We repair conditioning compressors from different manufacturers: Zeksel, Denso, Delphi, Harison etc.

Antibacterial treatment. Regular disinfection of ventilation systems and air filter change bring positive results. Evaporator radiator is built into the car panel and connected to the ventilation system. Dirty dust covers the evaporator surface and forms harmful fungi and microorganisms. Unwanted car pollution enters the coupe through the air vents and often gives rise to a variety of allergies (sneezing, coughing, watery eyes). Mold on the evaporator walls create unpleasant odor.

Regular disinfection of the evaporator destructs microorganisms and fungi. Professionally conducted disinfection is harmless to health! Evaporator is the coupe radiator from which we get cold air. Changes of air temperature and humidity – one of the main reasons why microorganisms proliferate in the ventilation system creating an unpleasant odor that can cause allergies and illness. The solution is to undergo antibacterial treatment of the coupe ventilation system.

Coupe air filter change. What causes allergies and odors?

Long-term use of coupe air filter, its permeability is constantly decreasing. Heavily polluted air filter can cause interference with the coupe fan, as well as damage other electronic elements that control the air conditioning and coupe heating system. That is why car manufacturers recommend changing the coupe air filter every 15,000 t / km or once a year.

Conditioner check and refill from 15 EUR.